Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Thank You! :-)

Things have gone a bit mad for me! Lol
I can't reply individually to all the lovely messages I'm receiving both here and on my Facebook page but please know I'm overwhelmed by the support and feedback I'm receiving.
I'm just loving creating and loving that you like what I'm creating so from the bottom of my heart Thank You for all the support! All the time you like what I do I'll continue to do it!  

I've been asked a lot about traveling to different areas to do workshops, of course I'd love to take this show on the road!
I need to think about the logistics about how to make this happen...
In the meantime if you have a craft shop that holds workshop near you ask them if they'd be interested in me holding a works hope there...
Now for some pictures, clocks I've made using Lavinia Stamps xKx

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