Monday, 24 March 2014

Tando segment clock with Grunge Paste and some Visible Image Stamps

Results from yesterday's workshop using
Andy Skinner's Large Reversible Clock made by Tando Creative

It was a lovely workshop yesterday and I thank my ladies for once again achieving stunning results!
They are all so talented, what better way to spend a Sunday, crafting with lovely ladies.
Pictured below are my samples and then the results.
We did the segmented side in the workshop and I've shown one idea with the reverse side.
How we did it -
The grey board is quite porous so use a white gesso or white acrylic to prime the 12 segments and the centre circle then paint in your chosen colours.
***Tip, I use tester pots of emulsion paint from Wilkinsons, at just over £1 pot they go a long way
and are just as good as acrylics.
Great coverage and you can mix the colours too***
I use a lot of paint and this is the most economical for me by far.
You can dry the segments between stages with a heat tool if necessary.
Then the fun wood like texture part!
This was achieved using Grunge Paste, I love this stuff!
Main reason, you can dry it with a heat tool which, if you're impatient like me is a real bonus!
Using a palette knife apply the paste to one section at a time, you don't need much paste.
As this is a grungy wood look you don't have to be too fussy with the application, apply it fairly smoothly then use something like an old credit or store card to create the grain/stipple effect.
The paste dries pretty quickly anyway so work on one piece at a time.
Then re paint each section and when dry use a fine sandpaper to distress the surface and expose some of the Grunge Paste weathered wood effect.
More definition can be added by dry brushing white or chosen colour paint.
Then I used Walnut Stain distress ink with a sponge to distress the edges of my segments and a little
over some of the wood grain surface.
You may want to change the distress ink colour to suit your own colour choice or you can try
something like gilding wax or Treasure Gold for a different effect.
The centre circle has no texture added just paint, sanding and distress ink to distress it.
The clock numbers and card candi were also primed, painted and distressed before sticking into position.
Stick the finished centre circle in position on to the grey board clock base first then add the sections.
You need a good mount of strong adhesive for this, a really tacky glue or pin flair is good plus, peg the edges to seal and put something heavy like a plate or book on top to assist the adhesion.
The outside rim of the clock can be sponged with paint, distress ink or Treasure Gold to finish the distress look.
Finally attach the clock movement and hands which come with the clock kit.
Then you can think about the reverse side.
For my inspiration I've used stamps by Visible Image, Tall Grasses and Butterflies.
Here are the samples and the wonderful results, thank you for stopping by my blog today, I hope I've inspired you xKx

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