Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gecko stencil, translucent paste, micro beads, Splodgeaway mask and gilding flakes

My first attempt at this technique, I've framed the finished project for my daughter as she has a Gecko called George.
I did the gecko stencilling first having watched and spoken to the lovely Lucy Ellis from
Sweet Poppy Stencils who guided me through the technique.
I told Lucy about this Gecko stencil I had from Dreamweaver and that I wanted to use it for my Daughter's birthday and I said I'd share the results once I'd finished.
I purchased the stencil when I saw it thinking of my daughter but having no idea what I'd do with it!
Once I'd coloured, used the paste and micro beads I left the Gecko aside to dry, I then went back to it to decide what to do next...
I'd already thought I'd use the Splodgeaway stencil as it was about the only thing I could find in my stash that I thought would work.
I tend to work with a vision, picture or story in my head and for this I kind of thought about mosaic work initially.
Next I decided as purple is my daughter's favourite colour I used Picked Raspberry distress ink for the centre.
I sponged this on to achieve a deep colour which appears to look like velvet.
After adding Black Soot in the corner areas I then decided to use gilding flakes around the edge.
I love the touchy feely affect and was very pleased with the outcome.
Hope you like it too, I'll definitely be doing more of this xKx

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