Saturday, 24 October 2015

About Time!

Morning all,
Hope you've had a good week, have you anything nice planned this weekend...
A scheduled post from me this morning as I'm having a weekend off, yay!
Some R&R and pampering before going to a Bridal Shower for my daughter's friend who she's going to be a Bridesmaid for next year.
Then catching up with a lovely friend of mine tomorrow for a few hours.

Anyhow it's seems appropriate to be posting about "Time" as the clocks are changing this weekend, that whole extra hour we gain but then the shorter days and nights drawing in even more.

One of my jobs this week was making clocks, some old favourite designs that always prove popular and some new additions too.
These have helped replenish stock for various places where they're on sale.
I never tire of creating these and will leave you with a few pictures.
Whatever you're doing have a lovely weekend and I'll catch up again soon...
Crafty Hugs xKx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Winter Birthdays and Festive cards

Afternoon all,
Thank you for joining me here.
This morning while it was rainy and chilly outside we were busy creating in the warm at
 Sutton at Hone Meeting Place, which I'm very pleased to say has now received funding until April 2016 due to the increased footfall.
Anyhow I had a lovely frothy coffee while setting up for today's projects.
We used Brusho's, a couple of VersaColor inks pads and Card-io stamps for some simple scene building.
These make great quick and easy Christmas cards or they're ideal for Winter Birthdays.
A couple of hours went in a flash and here's some of the results.
I really loved designing theses and I'm going to do some more myself now to replenish my stock and sample supplies.
Hope you can stay warm and dry,
Crafty Hugs xKx

Monday, 19 October 2015

Halloween decorations and Christmas samples...

Evening everyone,
How's your Monday been...
I'ts been very gloomy here today but productive never the less, washing done, some admin and preparing for Wednesday's Make & Take session, we'll be using Brusho's with Card-io stamps.
I just had to try them on a clock too!
At the weekend I put out our Halloween decorations which add a nice splash of colour and I do love to light candles on these Autumnal evenings.
Thanks for popping by my blog, it's always really appreciated...
Love & Crafty Hugs xKx

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Best of Friends!

Welcome to the weekend,
I'm so pleased it's here, yay! No alarm this morning and a scheduled blog post so I can relax after a hectic week.
Today I'm sharing a special gift and card I made for my best friend of over 30 years who celebrated her 60th Birthday last Sunday.
We met as next door neighbours around 35 years ago and have been friends ever since.
Our children grew up together and we've all been on some super holidays.
Shared lots of laughter and some tears along the way, we're like peas in a pod with our likes and dislikes and still enjoy our lunch dates as much as ever.
The distance between us now Kent to Hamphire doesn't keep us apart and we've faced life's up's and down's the best of mates together.
So I knew I wanted to make an extra special keepsake and after much deliberation this is what I came up with.
A Candy Box Crafts Notelet Box which of course can be any kind of keepsake or trinket box and a matching theme card.
I also used another of my favourite products, Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paints.
An idea based around the photo and on all things we love, vintage and feminine.
The photo was taken when we were on a weekend away together celebrating my 50th.
I had the little brass teacup and saucer, kettle and teapot charms in my stash and the oversized bottle top made the perfect tea tray for the card.
Happy days and Very Happy Friends!
Thank you for joining my reminiscing today,
Love and crafty hugs xKx

Friday, 16 October 2015

My type of ironing!

Friday has arrived after a very busy but fun week in which I appear to have conquered my ironing phobia! Lol
This ironing I like to do and so it would seem do many of you..
The art of Encaustic Wax and using a craft iron.
Many of you have had the kit buried away since the very early days and since the reappearance on Hochanda recently the craft has had a real revival.
Others of you have purchased more recently or intending to very soon!
After some play time with Encaustic Art myself and running the Make and Take session on Wednesday I was eager to use the technique for some clock faces after the other samples I've done recently.
Oh my I just love it, 10 min clocks, oh so simple but oh so abstract and arty.
Can't wait to do more...
If you haven't tried it yet you simply must, it's quick easy and enormous fun!
Thank you for your visit today, happy crafting and ironing!
Love n Hugs xKx

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Waxing that's good fun!

Morning everyone,
Yuk! It's very damp and grey here this morning and I'm just heading off to Mum's care home, I do hope the M25 is kind to me.
Hope you're week is going well.
On Monday I unpacked and tidied from Sunday's workshop, packed and posted orders.
Tuesday's was another packing and posting day along with getting things together for the Make & Take session yesterday morning.
It was a hive of activity, Lisa joined us before heading off to work, nothing like playing with wax to get your day off to a good start!
Even Krisha from the tea shop managed time, between serving tea's/coffee's and delicious treats, to have a play.
Apart from Maureen everyone was completely new to Encaustic Art and this is what they all produced.
A great morning was had by all creating wonderful waxy masterpieces!
Hope you have a good day and as always big thanks for popping in.
Love and Crafty Hugs xKx

Monday, 12 October 2015

All about Advent

Monday has rolled around again...
Hope you had a nice weekend, we were lucky with good weather here in Kent.
A couple of sunny, bright and colourful Autumn days.
To start the week here's a round up of our crafty day yesterday.
Our hall is called Jubilee Hall and we're known as the "Jubilee Crafter's"
Sounds about right as our crafty days are always special events!
So to get a head start on Christmas we made Advent Calendars.
We used the fabulous Tando Creative Advent Kit.
There's a few mini's left which are great additions to the kits,mill check the stock and add these to the site later today.
It was just perfect with lovely ladies and we welcomed five new members to our day of fun.
A warm welcome to Angela, Sandra B, Sandra H, Lola and our newest young crafter Roxi, who's one to watch with her amazing talent!
All the ladies did a wonderful job with personalising their Advents and each one is so different!
That's what I love at the end of the session, how creative everyone's been and how different the makes all look.
We were so spoilt and everyone went home with very full tummies after eating lots of cake!
Maureen and Pat treated us to homemade mini apple pies and bakewell tarts and Pat also presented me with a beautiful gift she'd decorated, the gorgeous candle. How kind and thoughtful is that.
Honestly ladies I couldn't be happier you are such a wonderful group and I'm so proud of what you achieve each session.
A super group of friends, thank you.
Here's a round up of the day in pictures.
Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I always appreciate you visiting.
Have a good day and I'll be back soon.
Much love and crafty hugs xxxx

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Crafty Play

Morning everyone,
Hope your week is going well.
My feet didn't touch the ground yesterday and although today is not quite as hectic, it's busy enough.
Off for a blood test in a while, good to get that over with early on!
Then off to post out some orders and sort some displays of my crafty bits for sale, seeing what new stock is needed. Clocks, gifts and cards are proving ever popular.
In between time I'll be getting ready for Sunday's workshop.
Yesterday was a bit of early crafting at The Meeting Place, it was lovely to meet new member Sandra who has decided to join us on Sunday too.
I then was able to have a play with some Encaustic Art which my friend Maureen has been doing recently.
Her samples she's bringing on Sunday are fabulous.
I knew I'd love it, oh another crafty technique to play and have fun with! Yay!
So we're going to have a session on this at our Christmas Festivities workshop in December, should be great fun!
I contacted Michael who does the Encaustic Art on Hochanda, I mentioned how fascinated I was when I use to watch his shows on TV in the early days, he's so helpful and inspiring.
Well that's my catch up for this morning, hope you have a good day.
Love and Crafty Hugs xKx