Tuesday, 6 October 2015

What's coming up next and some reminiscing

Morning all,
You know those times when you feel like you're chasing your tail?
Well I'm coming to the end of a very busy spell but can't sit still just yet!

Today's post has changed slightly from what I'd planned, I was going to write last night and schedule it for this morning but sleep beckoned instead...

So that gave me the opportunity for this reflection, I happened to see a "memory" pop up this morning on my Facebook timeline.
I don't normally bother with all that but this was a memory from two years ago when I hosted my first workshop here in Kent.
I'd been pondering it for a while and at the request from others to hold a clock workshop I decided to take the plunge.
Oh my word how nerve wracking! You see I'm not naturally a confident person and it took an enormous amount of overcoming these confidence issues for me to be able to do this.
However, all the ladies that attended were wonderfully supportive and so happy to be making their clocks.
We had a wonderful day, Paul helped me set up as he always does and my daughter was "tea girl" for the day and even made a lovely Victoria sponge, which went down very well.
For this first workshop we used lovely Lavinia Stamps and a Tando Cuckoo clock kit along with  Gelli Plate techniques.
Here's a link to some of the wonderful works in progress and results  produced on the day -
Clock Workshop
Anyhow what I want to do is to sincerely thank each and everyone of you who has supported and attended one of my workshops and encouraged me to develop further by sharing our ideas and talents
at these workshops.
I still have a lack of confidence and doubt that will ever disappear completely but your truly wonderful support is why I keep doing what I'm doing, THANK YOU.
Blimey what a sermon this is turning out to be all thanks to a Facebook memory pop up!

So I'll end by saying here's what's coming up next in the diary and a quick pattern building make, more of this to follow...
I first used these stamps (Card-io) many years ago, they were established in 2003 and I was fascinated by a demo I watched at a show.
The pattern building card used Card-io clear stamp sets, Summer Wreath and Christmas Scenery 2 which I have in stock but not online as yet. They are selling fast!
If you've read all this, thank you, if you're still awake better still!
I'll bid you a good day and here's to much more happy crafting!
Love n Hugs as always xKx

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