Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mother's Day and an unexpected event

Good evening,
Hope you're enjoying Mother's Day.
Sending much love to my dear mum and all other mum's on their special day.
Yesterday Jennifer and I went over to meet my brother and sister to take mum to a local garden centre for lunch.
The weather on the M25 traveling from Kent to Surrey was very snowy and heavy sleet in places, we'd had nothing here and drove into this en route.
Mum is very frail these days and it's not easy getting her out and about but we were so pleased she was able to come out and enjoy a change of scene for a couple of hours.
We sat in the dog friendly side of the restaurant which was lovely for mum, although her eyesight is so poor we were able to point out the dogs that were nearby, we've always been a family of dog lovers.
Today Jennifer gave me flowers, chocolates, limited edition Nespresso coffee pods and a planned treat for later this month to have lunch at One Twenty One Two Restaurant in Whitehall Court London so I'm feeling thoroughly spoilt.
She's also cooking a meal for us this evening.
Now I mentioned an unexpected event in my blog post title.
We went for a dog walk with Frasier earlier today at nearby Lullingstone Country Park, we chose a nice casual walk along the riverside and there were plenty of other dogs sniffing and exploring and young families enjoying a bright walk today.
We were just finishing our walk when we noticed a family whose dog had got stuck in the river on the opposite side of the bank. The children were getting distressed and crying and someone had gone around the other side of the pathway to see if they could reach that way.
The young dog had got stuck with a stick in it's mouth and was panicking as to couldn't get free.
It was very distressing to see, without hesitation Paul got straight in the river, fully clothed, up to his waist and got to the other side and freed the dog.
Such a relief to see the little mite free and safe.
We headed back to the car and luckily had an old blanket so Paul could strip off his wet trousers and wrap the blanket around himself while I drove home.
Not quite the end to our leisurely walk we'd expected but great relief that we were able to assist.
The family were extremely grateful.
I think a beer for the hero of the day a nice home cooked meal and restful evening are now in order.

Another busy week lies ahead so I'll leave you with a bit of a roundup from a lovely workshop last Sunday where we had a good old catch up and lots of crafty fun.

Have a wonderful rest of the day and stay warm, safe and dry.

Much love and hugs xxx

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