Friday, 1 July 2016

A weekend away with CHA-UK

Hello there,

Time for a catch up.

When I visited Stitches at Birmingham in February I was introduced to the by a crafter I met at the show.
As a member this quote from their website sums it up for me -

"Our mission, is to make the CHA-UK a trade association which provides its members with the opportunities they need and deserve and cannot access elsewhere"

Their executive director Craig, is easily available to contact and most helpful in answering and directing any queries or questions from members.

Their One Big Show event was held at Ricoh arena, Coventry last weekend and is the ideal platform for networking, learning and sharing, the seminars are invaluable and the workshops provide great interactive fun.

From the start the whole team are there to welcome, support and guide its members and we were thoroughly looked after and well catered for during the whole of the event.

I met some truly lovely and inspirational people who are so generous and giving of their time and advise and made new friends and great contacts along the way.

Personally I met with people I would not normally have had the privilege of being introduced to and subsequently it has opened up new opportunities which I'm excited about.

I was asked by a group I met up with about my experience of running workshops so I'm going to be touching more on this in a separate post, I'm glad you found my experiences helpful.

I'm not going to dwell on how poorly I was before heading off to
The One Big Show because I am now feeling so much better but still taking things slowly and steady, thank you to all of you for the love well wishes.
What I do want to shout out about is the massive surprise I received on Saturday evening's Networking event at the show!
I only went and won the top raffle prize!!!
How awesome is that!
Here's what I won from
Only the fabulous Explore Air Machine.

It was presented to me by the lovely
Sara Naumann and Suzie Candlin was there throughout the event demoing so I got a hands on lesson too.
I was totally gobsmacked to win this awesome prize and am so excited about introducing it into my crafting.
How lucky am I!

I had a totally awesome weekend, met super lovely people and was thoroughly spoilt, thank you CHA-UK.
If you're a Buyer, D.E.B or Supplier I urge you to check out and join The Craft and Hobby Trade Association.

That's it from me for today,
Have a great weekend,
Love and Crafty Hugs xxx

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