Sunday, 14 August 2016

A layered clock

Wishing you a happy Sunday morning,
It's been a super busy week and I'm only just getting chance to catch up on my blog.
I have a very exciting post to share with you today, a brand new kit from Pear Tree Crafts created by my lovely and clever friend Sam at Samantha K Gifts and inspired by my very self! How cool is that!
Now with my love of creating designing clocks Sam and I came up with the following layered kit to create a clock after we got chatting about all things craft.
I've now had a play with the kit, the clock is 18cm dia.

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for the

The kit has four separate layers and I've used a clock mechanism with a long spindle as this was deep enough to take all four layers.
The four layers are 1 x 2mm MDF, 2 x 2mm acrylic and 1 x 3mm acrylic.
I know Sam is super excited to see how I created the clock as she has only seen the finished pictures so far and not my step by step tutorial.

Firstly I created a moon background on the MDF layer, masking the moon and sweeping acrylic paint, purple, pink and white, over the sky area with a sponge to give me my desired effect.
I then used the negative portion of the mask to add white to the moon and make it nice and bright. I wanted to keep a nice bright white moon so it shone through all the layers.
The next layer I used was the 2mm acrylic and I simply swept some more pink acrylic to this to layer the sky further and used a stencil with white acrylic to give an etching effect with the script.
The stencil I used is TCW - Art Is...

Next I used the 3mm acrylic layer and I swept across some orange and yellow acrylic and again used white through a stencils for the fairy, dandelion clock and stars. The fairy stencil is from imagination crafts as is the dandelion clock and the Stars are a Memory Box stencil. 

The top layer is 2mm acrylic and I stamped dandelion clocks (Lavinia stamps) and a Woodware stamp (Going to Seed) on to this using a Stazon ink pad.
I knew I was going to reverse this layer so the stamping is not directly on the front of the acrylic, I flipped it over after I'd stamped as you will see in the pictures.
The numbers are peel offs.

The four layers are the perfect fit for a long spindle clock movement.
I always use the following site for my clock parts - Clock Parts and this clock uses 76mm hands,
You can always trim long hands down for smaller clocks if required.
I love the layered effect and the white stamping and was really pleased with the finished result.
The great thing about applying paint to acrylic is you can wash it off and start again if you need to!
Once I'd got my head around what I wanted on each layer it was so easy to create.
Of course you can mix and match the layers and use them as you wish, there are short and medium lengths available for clock movements so not all the layers need to be used at once.
The choice is yours...

Do check out Sam's site for the kit and more of her super creations! 

I hope you have a great Sunday whatever you are doing, we are out to celebrate a special occasion with some neighbours of mine this afternoon.
Crafty Hugs xKx

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