Monday, 17 October 2016

Catching up on another week...

Hello and thanks for visiting today,
Last week was a week for spending time with family, enjoying good times and a bit of reminiscing.
You know what it's like when you haven't had anything social planned for a while then like buses everything comes along together.
We have a few weeks like that coming up, especially November that's another particularly busy time for me.
Last Tuesday Mr. C and I went off to the Orchard theatre in Dartford for the evening to see the Moon River and Me show.
We had a really lovely evening, a drink in the bar and got chatting to a few people while we were there.
The show is a tribute to the late great Andy Williams and I'd forgotten how many of his songs I started to remember when they were being sung.
The two guest singers were excellent and a tribute to another golden oldie Matt Monro, I felt quite emotional when Charlie Green sung Born Free.
Lots of songs my dear Dad and I use to listen to that he enjoyed.
I thought about my Dad a lot while we were there that evening and almost felt like I'd spent another evening with him in spirit, it was very heart warming to reminisce and a really lovely evening.

On Thursday Jennifer and I had matinee tickets for Aladdin at
The Prince Edward theatre.
It was a lovely day to travel to London the sun was shining.
The show was a riot and spectacle of colour, a really feel good, fun show, the Genie was brilliant!

After we went for a meal at a themed restaurant Bubba Gump, based on the Forrest Gump film.
Jennifer had enjoyed her visit to one in America last year.
It is a great place and the seafood is amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

On Saturday we visited Krisha at The Meeting Place Cafe where I run my weekly craft classes, we had lunch, toasties and Pumpkin Spice Latte, so yummy!
This got us in the mood to get ready for Halloween.
I've been decorating acrylic baubles for my classes for both Halloween and Christmas, they're great fun to do and here's a look at what I've done so far.

Well the sun is brightening up now and I've lots to do so I'll say cheerio and wish you all a good day.
Love and Crafty Hugs xKx

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