Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Fairy Tags Step by Step

Main tems used -
Gelli plate 8 x 10
distress oxides - re-inkers but can also use ink pads
water spritzer
medium size paint brush
Lavinia stamps
post it notes
300gsm white stamping card suitable for water techniques
cut n dry foam
Smoothie blending sponges
Scraps of lace

Links to the items from Lavinia site will be at the end of this tutorial.

Such lovely effects can be achieved with the distress oxides, giving an opaque, chalky finish and wonderful distress effects.
They are quite quick drying too.
This tutorial uses the re-inkers but ink pads can also be used.
Working on the 8 x 10 Gelli plate.

Firstly die cut a tag, alternatively you can simply cut your own basic tag or even a bookmark. 
The one used here is approx 19cm x 9.5cm.

Die cut a circle, 6.5cm, from a post it note, if making several tags cut a few of these at the same time.
Position the post it note circle on the tag and set aside.

The Gelli plate give a great surface to work on and having previously used for many other projects, it achieves really great effects.
You can also work directly from your craft mat if you wish.

Drip a few drops of each colour onto the Gelli plate, the plate is placed horizontally for this step, take a small piece of cut and dry foam for each colour, spritz the cut and dry lightly with water. 
Also spritz the colours on the Gelli plate , lightly, with water.

Blend and squidge the colours with the foam, the colours here have been kept separate and not blended together.
You will notice colour from a previous project is still on the Gelli plate but as using the same colours that’s fine.

It’s a good idea to have a practise stamp first to test the colour strength and effect, more colour can be added if desired.

Take the Lavinia Ivy border stamp and press onto the inked Gelli plate to pick up the colour, use this to stamp the bottom of the tag.

Then turn the Gelli plate vertically and use the cut and dry sponges to revive the ink on the plate, as the sponges are still damp no extra water should be necessary, but do add further ink and water to the Gelli plate if required.

Using the large Background Script stamp in the same way as the border stamp, press onto the Gelli plate to ink the stamp and then position above the border onto the tag to stamp.

***Alternatively the stamps can also be inked directly using the cut and dry foam and a craft mat, the craft mat would simply replace the Gelli plate and the sponges used in the same way, spritz with water and smooch and pick up the ink from the mat to apply to the stamp***

Either way the ink on the Gelli plate or craft mat can be reinvigorated by spritzing with water and re-inked as desired to enable economical use for more than one project and to finish by using the last of the ink to create a background and will be shown in a further tutorial

You will notice the script stamp doesn’t cover the whole area so re-ink and stamp above to fill in the remaining white area.

Use a piece of copy paper to die cut a circle the same size as used with the post it note, place this over the white sun/moon area.

Using the desired colour ink picked up from the Gelii plate using the cut and dry foam, daub colour over the white area, this dries quickly or you can use a heat tool.

Using a medium paintbrush and water, flick water over the entire tag, you will soon see the reaction, bleaching effect of the distress oxides. 
The longer left before drying the more intense the effect will be.
Use a roll of paper towel to blot the tag and dry.

Position a sentiment or word stamp over the inked moon/sun.
The image shows how to mask off an area when only a section of the wording is required.
Stamp with black Versafine or Archival ink.

Stamp your desired fairy in the same black ink.

Use a mini Smoothie sponge, blend a complimentary colour of regular distress ink around the edges of the tag, working from a craft mat these smoothies give a lovely smooth blended finish.

Take a piece of white lace and colour using the distress oxide left on the Gelli plate/craft mat. 
This can be done using the damp, coloured cut and dry foam pieces. 
Scrunch up in a piece of paper towel then dry using a heat tool.

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