Thursday, 20 April 2017

Techniques on a postcard please...

Today I've been having a play with some of the fabulous
 Imagination Crafts products.
I like the idea of using plain postcards to share some techniques and chose the lovely Art Deco Lady stencil as I wanted to create a vintage style postcard design.
The blank postcard is 9cm x 14cm and as the card is quite thin and not suitable for mixed media work I cut a piece of suitable craft card to work on.

Using as portrait orientation I positioned the stencil and applied Structure Paste.
This product is amazing and I love the ease of use and how quickly it dries, you can speed up with a heat tool if you want to be extra speedy!

Next I used a old plastic box to place my card into while I spritzed firstly with some water and then Mixed Media Sprays in Light Green and Light Blue, the addition of water dilutes the sprays for a more subtle effect.
Aren't the colours gorgeous...

I then used a piece of sponge, I use cheap washing up sponges cut up, to apply some Verdigris Rusty Patina, I used very little on my sponge as I just wanted to give an aged distress look around the edges of my card.
This product is fantastic and can be used in so many different ways, the colour and texture is brilliant.

Next I added Rustique Rusty Patina in the same way, because I used so little, it dries so quickly.
I then spritzed some more colour using the Mix Media sprays and used a baby wipe to wipe back and dilute.

After I had finished applying the Rusty Patina I applied some of the Alchemy Waxes in Bronze and Silver, I used my finger and applied a very little amount and then blended with a baby wipe which gave a lovely shimmery sheen over the Deco Lady.
After this I reapplied the stencil to add a bit more Rusty Patina, this time over the Structure Paste, I used a piece of sponge again and just added a little here and there.
Accents were added using Just Pearls, oh my I love these too! 
The Champagne colour was perfect for this project.
A tough of Detail Sparkle in Jade added further detail.

As I mentioned the actual Postcard is thin card so I knew it wouldn't tolerate anything too wet.
So I used the baby wipe as it was still damp, that I had added the Alchemy Wax with.
I swiped this over the card and by blending in a bit more wax it gave me a shimmery distressed look.

I positioned parts of the Art Deco stencil on to the card and sponged through the Rustique Rusty Patina then I applied structure paste through stencil for the stamp area.
A touch more Rusty Patina in Verdigris and some swipes around the edges to distress.
Finished off with a few more dots of Just Pearls.
This was then adhered onto the card I had cut to size and completed for the front design, giving me my completed postcard.

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