Friday, 5 May 2017

Ideas for planners and journals

I'm having a play with ideas for the planner I'm designing for myself.
Having researched planners and supplies and previously bought endless books and notebooks for planning that didn't quite meet my needs I decided it was time to create my own.
Starting with WE R MEMORY KEEPERS-Cinch Bindery Tool it's possible to create endless books, mini albums and journals.
It's a great piece of kit and I love it,  especially as I love notebooks, list and planners so much.
It comes with some wires and c12 x 12 chipboard included.
I was fortunate to find a new machine at a bargain price on Ebay.
I have some super stamps arriving soon from the lovely Loti Maria at Mama Makes.
Initially I've been gathering bits and bobs and ideas before I get started for "real"
I need to think about the cover I want t create and have a plan in mind but need to try it out first.
Having waited so long for the perfect planner it's going to be worth taking time to get it right for me.
There are so many things that can be added to a planner, pockets, envelopes, post it notes, charms, clips, wash tape stickers.
So jotting own some ideas initially here's a few decorated paperclips I made a while back that will be a perfect  addition, they were made using Docrafts mini dies, real favourites of mine.

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