Friday, 30 June 2017

Then and Now...

So today I am going to rewind 13 years when Crafting at Ally Pally was first held at its present venue and I first started going with Paul.
Paul has always embraced my hobby which eventually turned into my career, little did we know that would happen at the time.
The show at Ally Pally has completely changed since then too and I rarely get chance to visit these days due to work commitments.
That feels very strange the thing that spurred me on even more in crafting not being so accessible with work in the industry taking me elsewhere.
Anyhow at the early shows I attended it use to be jammed packed full of such variety.
I watched a demo using Art Impressions watercolour, wood mounted stamps and was completely wowed by the technique and results.
I've always had a passion for watercolour but never really tried to master it.
My dad although he never took up any craft as a hobby was just fantastic at understanding the techniques involved and explaining the basics and skills involved, so I always remember the things he taught me.
I purchased a few of the stamps and really loved using them with the techniques I'd been shown.
Recently I've been moving craft stuff around, I know we all have so much but when it's your job too, oh my word it just expands before your eyes. Stock, class materials, personal stash, the list goes on!...
I rarely dispense of any of my stamps because I feel they always come back into fashion!
I bought them for a reason and that usually ends up being the reason I go to use them again in the future.
I didn't buy too many of the Art Impression stamps but I discovered them recently all in fantastic condition, packed away in a box labelled as such and it was like Christmas when I opened them and the memories of the early days of using them and crafting at Ally Pally came flooding back.
I've been running classes at The Meeting Place for over 2 years now.
TMP serves as a Community Interest Company set up to provide a friendly, relaxed meeting place for residents and visitors of the local area in the form of a coffee shop within the library.
During that time I've met lovely new crafters who have become really good friends and we thoroughly enjoy these crafting session together, they provide a much needed few hours away from daily "life" we chat, drink coffee and indulge in wonderful cakes baked by Toby, a young local resident who's a highly talented baker.
I know these ladies pretty well now and on "discovering" the
Art Impression stamps again I knew they would make a great subject for these crafty sessions so I've been rediscovering them for myself.
It's so relaxing to do and I really love using them, I've added some different techniques and with my own take on these I have finished a couple of samples.
Have you got any of these stamps buried away or maybe it's a technique you like using...
Looking forward to these classes very much.
Love and crafty Hugs xKx

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